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Lakes in Alabama, United States

Alabama has no large natural lakes, but dams built on the abundant rivers have created many artificial lakes.

Lakes in Alabama (alphabetical)
Lake Name Full Pool *
(MSL) **
Acres River Map
Aliceville 8,300 Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
Andrews 105.0 1,540 Chattahoochee River
Bankhead 255.1 9,200 Black Warrior River Buy Bankhead Lake Map
Bear Creek 670
Bibb County
Big Creek
Caldwell 509.0
Catoma 742.0 536
Cedar Creek 2,070
Chambers County
Claiborne 5,850 Alabama River
Clay County
Coffee County
Coffeeville 32.5 8,800 Tombigbee River
Dale County
Dallas County
DeKalb County
Demopolis 73.0 10,000 Tombigbee River
Double Oak
Eufaula 188.0 45,181 Chattahoochee River Buy Lake Eufaula Map
Fayette County
Four Wing
Gainesville Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
Gantt 2,767
Geneva County
Goat Rock 404.0 940 Chattahoochee River
Great Pine
Guntersville 595.4 67,900 Tennessee River Buy Lake Guntersville Map
Harding 521.0 5,860 Chattahoochee River
Hollybrook 222.0
Holt 187.0 3,296 Black Warrior River
Indian Estates
Indian Valley
Inland Black Warrior River
Jordan 252.0 6,800 Coosa River Buy Lake Jordan Map
Lamar County
Lay 396.0 12,000 Coosa River Buy Lay Lake Map
Lee County
Leon Brooks Hines
Little Bear 1,560
Logan Martin 465.0 18,000 Coosa River Buy Logan Martin Lake Map
Lurleen 250
Madison County
Marion County
Martin 490.0 41,000 Tallapoosa River Buy Lake Martin Map
Mitchell 311.9 5,850 Coosa River Buy Mitchell Lake Map
Monroe County
Mountain View
Neely Henry 508.0 11,200 Coosa River Buy Neely Henry Lake Map
Oak Mountain
Oliver 337.0 2,150 Chattahoochee River
Pickwick 414.0 43,100 Tennessee River Buy Pickwick Lake Map
Pike County
Pine Ridge 25
R.E. Bob Woodruff 125.0 12,510 Alabama River Buy R.E. Bob Woodruff Reservoir Map
Santa Margarita 1,100 Salinas River
Shady Grove
Smith 510.0 21,200 Black Warrior River Buy Smith Lake Map
Tallassee 288.8 585 Tallapoosa River Buy Thurlow Lake Map
Tholocco 680
Tuscaloosa 230.0 5,885 Black Warrior River Buy Lake Tuscaloosa Map
Upper Bear 1,850
Upper State 105
Walker County
Warrior 7,800 Black Warrior River
Washington County
Wedowee 793.0 10,660 Tallapoosa River Buy Lake Wedowee Map
Weiss 564.0 30,200 Coosa River Buy Weiss Lake Map
West Point 635.0 25,864 Chattahoochee River Buy West Point Lake Map
Wheeler 556.3 67,100 Tennessee River Buy Wheeler Lake Map
William 'Bill' Dannelly 80.0 18,500 Alabama River Buy William 'Bill' Dannelly Lake Map
William Baker Oliver 2,150 Black Warrior River
Wilson 507.9 15,930 Tennessee River Buy Wilson Lake Map
Yates 344.0 1,980 Tallapoosa River Buy Yates Lake Map
* Full Pool - Highest normal summer pool level before flood stage
** MSL - Mean (average) feet above sea level

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